Seiwa Kai Karate was established in Calgary in 1979. Presently, the club has five branches located in northwest and southwest Calgary. The club offers classes for beginners, children and adults. All students of Seiwa Kai Karate are members of the National Karate Association and Karate Alberta Association.

At Seiwa Kai Karate, the student is taught how to block, punch and kick. Physical conditioning is emphasized to improve strength, concentration, stamina, and flexibility.

A class will start with about 15 minutes of warm-up and stretching. Following warm-up, basic blocks, kicks, punches and combinations of all are practiced to achieve a reflex action.

Kata is considered the essence of Karate, the practice of which takes years and mastery takes a lifetime.

The learning and practice of Kata is an important part of the Seiwa Kai training program. Kata is a training exercise can be practiced alone and is comprised of a series of movements, including a combination of blocks, kicks and punches that are both defensive a and offensive in nature. These movements are designed to provide physical conditioning as well as to train a student’s kinesthetic memory of proper movements.

Sparring with fellow students and instructors allows the student to measure the proficiency of the techniques and it forms a major part of the training at Seiwa Kai Karate. We do not subscribe to full physical contact during training.

At Seiwa Kai, emphasis is placed on learning and improvement.

Our students are offered the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in various tournaments from time to time to practice and challenge their skills. Participation in tournaments allows the student to interact and compare his or her proficiency with students from other Dojos. Seiwa Kai Karate is a member of Karate Alberta and is affiliated with Sport Canada. This association allows participation in national tournaments leading to possible membership on the national team.

Proficiency in Karate is recognized by the awarding of belts, white to black, through a system of formal grading. While many people feel that this is the most important aspect of Karate, it should also be recognized that grade levels also consider the amount the of hard work and attitude displayed by the individual student.