December 2020 Testing

Our December 2020 Test will be carried out over two days. Please read below for details.


The test will be carried out according to the schedule below.
Do not be late for your scheduled time.
There will be ~5 students per group, each group will take around 15-20 minutes to complete the test.
Once a group has completed the test, they may leave and then the next group will begin.


Please have your test fee and training dues prepared and ready to hand in.

SW Students

DATE: Saturday, December 5, 2020

TIME: Begins at 12 PM

LOCATION: Patterson Community Centre

12 PM
Sydney Calpas
Suzanne Calpas
Casey Lyndon
Lily Reti
Owen Kramer

12:30 PM
Aidan Williams
Cooper Leggett
Kaloyan Nikolov
Lucas Golin
Evan Hu

1 PM
Eva Elder
Poppy Cao
Aveigne Collier
Olivia Collier
Shannon Collier

1:30 PM
Carter Cao
Ryan Tran
Matthew Tran
Zaid Mujtaba
Haroon Mujtaba

2 PM
Andjela Pavlovic
Petra Tilihoiu
Vlad Tilihoiu
Martin Nikolov

2:30 PM
Adhya Gautam
Erica Desgagne
Feran Boyd
Ashley Boyd
Greg Leusink

3 PM
Peter Ivakh
Ilya Ovechkin
Dhruva Kakarala
Dimitri DelCorro
Jaipal Sabharwal
William Hughes

NW Students

DATE: Sunday, December 6, 2020

TIME: Begins at 12 PM

LOCATION: Edgemont Community Centre

12 PM
Mason Poon
Rian Reaz
Avi Shah

12:30 PM
Clarissa Low
Yasmin Pooremamverdy
Rome Grant
Rayen Choo

1 PM
James Metcalfe
Peyton Ma
Chantal Ma

1:30 PM
Jeremy Lawu
Sneha Baruah
Ayako Chan

2 PM
Alexander Wu

2:30 PM
Ekrem Aktan